I was born on 10 January 1962
 in the University Clinic Freiburg as the son of Klara Wehrle,
 I was separated from my mother immediately after delivery because I was not welcome as the second illegitimate child. Fortunately, my grandfather changed his mind.
I grew up in Kandern an idyllic town in the sunny Markgräflerland. Actually, I wanted to be an electrician but the employment office has sent me to a car town in Binzen, so I completed my training as a car mechanic in 1980. After that I realized that I did not dedicate my life to this profession. I also did not like an 8-hour and 5-day week, I was a hieppie or wanted to be one. Afterwards I moved through the country with my Rolling Disco "Pyramids Power Disco". From 1986 onwards, my money has been successfully earned as a DJ, while I have pretty much all set up what party makes. Starting from oldies to pop, rock, to house and one called it BUM BUM Techno (Scoter etc) main thing party. So it was always a lot of fun to see the crowds party. New Year's Eve 1994 I got married. In May 1994, my first daughter Wiebke was born. In 1998, Michelle followed, followed by beautiful years. Until my mother got the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in January 2007 (currently still incurably guaranteed lethal). So it was as far as I should fulfill my promise to my mother to nurse her the way she did with her mother. At the end of August, the Helios clinic in Müllheim (Baden) informed me that they had given up all therapies and asked me to hand them over to a hospice. They gave her another 1 week. As promised, I have them brought home to me and the necessary medical help it needed her health's condition for them reasonably bearable organized. She then died on September 20 one week after we had her 75th birthday together with all her close friends whom I had called in my arms. After that, my life went downhill! I did not want to give up the farm I had inherited and that destroyed my marriage, since then I lived apart from my wife and daughter Michelle. After seven years, the divorce came Wiebcke now lives with me and Michelle with Mama. A dark time began but she also escaped. Then I started to distract myself with music and spent a lot of time in my studio with instruments mainly from the 80s, which I bought cheap on Ebay. I've taught myself how to play keyboarts, I've already had the technical know-how, I bought my estzen Syndy at 18, a Korg MS 20 Now I have one, sometimes it's so amazing how well that works that I already wondered if there not someone is involved. When asked how do I publish my music, hopefully YouTube was the answer. I certainly do not lack ideas of wealth. So I opened my first channel "DJAJ007" In 2018 I visited Arambol again after 37 years, and the jungle where I lived for a month in 1981. In the six weeks I stayed there I married an angel and on the 27th of November 2018 I visited for the third time Arambol, after that my life has completely changed. Now I am PaBaj and have a second YoutuneKana "PaBaJ" I am on a way I have not asked, but I'm so glad that I'm allowed to go.
and I am wait for an angel with a bright heart whom I have seen.
Stay with me for my spelling excuse me Dyslexics!

Best regards from the sunny Kandern (Badisch Niza) in Markgräflerland (South-Black Forest)